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Bruce LaBruce

More than one French cliché come to mind when thinking of French-Canadian, queer-guerilla film director Bruce LaBruce, and he’s back with another feature-length, “LA Zombie,”  but don’t expect to see it any time soon alongside Disney’s latest at your nearest Hollywood dumping ground/mega-plex. Like his past films “LA Zombie” challenges cultural and sexual commonplaces, reverses conventional understandings and continues the unabashedly and unapologetic sex-positive stance he’s championed since his first release, “No Skin Off My Ass,” nearly 20 years ago. In short, LaBruce hasn’t lost his edge. Indeed, far from it.

In “LA Zombie” porn-star Francois Sagat plays the lead role who, after reanimation, wanders the streets of Los Angeles fucking the dead back to life. Rather than turning the living into the undead, Sagat’s character resurrects homeless men, white collar criminals, junkies and, of course, dead porn stars. In short, he’s zombie jesus. Minus the cross. Plus a penis.

This too throws on its head the traditional metaphoric understanding of zombie as contagion or AIDS-like viral figure, an understanding advanced in such popular films as 28 Days Later.

Critics and censorial governments have responded just as you’d imagine. The Australian film board refused to rate the movie effectively censoring it from the entire continent. (No matter, the Melbourne International Film Festival held an underground screening to a standing-room only audience of cheering admirers). The mainstream media in his hometown Toronto was no more enthusiastic, but LaBruce, hardly a stranger to shallow-minded, hetero-normative critiques, effectively gave it all the Jay-Z shoulder brush-off.
LaBruce and I recently exchanged emails about his new film and his motivations behind it.

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Bruce LaBruce
hivster+Cazwell “It just kinda happened”

The first thing Luke Caswell said to me on the phone was that he was, “lying down…being pretty gay, actually.”

Obviously I was intrigued…


The thing about Cazwell, who dropped the Luke and ever so slightly modified his surname years ago, is that he holds nothing back. People would be shocked if he restrained himself or apologized for his candid approach to just about everything.

Pretty gay, huh? Instantly I was hooked.

Check out the rest of the interview at hivster.com

- Brad Crelia


The Tattoo

Sitting in the doctor’s office after class a few weeks ago, I had a sense of what was coming. I had blood drawn a week prior and got the call that my doctor needed to talk to me about the results of my blood work. A thousand cups of coffee couldn’t have gotten my blood going any more than it was that day. When I got into the room and had my doctor sitting in front of me, I thought the veins around my temples would explode. He ran down a list of other sexual transmitted diseases, and at the end of the list he looked me in the eyes. I was told that I’m HIV positive.

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Our Hopes Trump Their Apathy

Ian Awesome

I had so many hopes for today.

I recall hopes.  I recall a hope and a trust placed in a presidential candidate.  I recall faith in my elected representatives to advocate for my equality. I remember thinking that at this time, in our country, we would make history.  All of my peers felt the same way.  We thought, “Yes, we can!”  Who didn’t?

The people we elected, that’s who didn’t.

Today, the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, moved to vote for cloture on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), an important piece of legislation that contained an amendment repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  This would allow thousands of gay soldiers the ability to serve openly in the military – to not have to fear losing their jobs due to their sexual orientation.  He moved merely to discuss it.

We lost the vote.

We needed three more.

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i’m a proud bisexual, and i often don’t think of myself as strictly this. the way i see it is, i’m human, and i can love another human, regardless of gender. 

so if you’re lgbt, just know, even when you don’t feel loved, you are. 

- thatgirlmiaaa

hivster’s tumblr - a work in progress.

Been working with this awesome magazine startup called hivster.com.  Working on getting the Tumblr set up as quickly as possible, but there’s a lot to plan, and quite a few factors to consider.  Tumblr is a fun place, but I don’t want to just make hivster’s Tumblr another Tumblr account… there’s lots of those out there.  I wanna make it something cool, something that hasn’t been done a million times.  

One thing I’m working on is figuring out how to set things up in a way where we hivster.com staff can post, but still do our own thang on our own accounts and not have them interfere.  In the big fucked up corporate world, a company’s website and social networks are boring, dry versions stripped of the personalities of those who have contributed to it… I think that’s bullshit.  If a hivster is a bisexual into motorcycles and keyboarding, he should be able to post that.  If someone else is more into hip hop and fashion, he should be able to do that… being a hipster is at it’s core, about being yourself, period.  I want to make sure we maintain that.

Also, I have this crazy idea that we can expand beyond just us… so that hivster fans and followers can contribute too.  Actually, it’s more than a crazy idea - it’s something I really want, I don’t want hivster to just be all about those of us running the show.  

Just thought I’d share some thoughts and progress of where we’re at.  Looking forward to posting to the hivster Tumblr on a regular basis soon ;)

- Chris Miller


We wanna hit up Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City sometime in early 2011!


Capitol Hill Seattle, WA

hivster’s hood, capitol hill.


Capitol Hill Seattle, WA

hivster’s hood, capitol hill.